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Abstract Book 2017   Download
Applications of Highly-Transferable Modern Interatomic Potentials Based on Machine Learning Techniques Dr. A.
Quantifying the Distances Between Atomic
Con gurations
Dr. A. Sadeghi Download
Macroscopic Quantum Systems Dr. A. Shafiee Download
Study of Defect and Doping on Electrical and Tribological Behaviors of Graphene and Graphene Like Materials
Dr. F. Nazari Download
دانش اتوثانیه Dr. M. Vafaee Download
New Chemical Reactivity Descriptors in Density Functional Theory
Dr. S. Nourizadeh Download
Effective Electronic Structure Theory for Partially Non-Born-Oppenheimer Systems Dr. S. Shahbazian Download
Topological Analysis of Steric and Relaxation Interactions
Dr. SM. Azami Download
Theory of Surface-Enhanced Resonance Raman Spectroscopy
Dr. Z. Jamshidi Download